Learning Charms Occupational Therapy is a therapy group that provides therapy, consultation, school partnerships, virtual professional development for adults and on-demand developmental programming.   

Learning Charms Foundation is a non-profit organization that establishes partnerships and developmental services with agencies that work with low-income children. 


Homeschool /School Curriculum


Our FUNdamental Foundations Program offers 36 weeks of developmentally appropriate activities for children aged 3-5. 

Includes printer friendly resources such as workbook, worksheets, desk strips, and videos.

Compatible with any curriculum.

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On-Demand Handwriting Classes


Send your child to kindergarten knowing how to recognize and write uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers.  Classes include printer friendly workbook, video instruction, and lots of optional downloads and worksheets.



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Skill Coaching


Coaching for children, parents and/or teachers to help teach a developmental skill. This is done via direct teaching but also includes access to relevant resources. 

Examples include pencil grasp, dominant hand, handwriting, using scissors, following directions, visual perceptual, and more. 


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Professional Development for Teachers and Parents

We support children, teachers, parents, schools, and therapy professionals with unique offerings, including our professional development.

What can I do to support kids with sensory needs?

Overview of the sensory system and easy-to-implement strategies that will help with sensory seeking/avoiding behaviors. 

45 minute PD with certificate.


What to expect with early childhood development

We'll go over what development looks like in birth up to 3 years and what milestones to expect.  Strategies to help foster development are included.

45 minute PD with certificate.

How can I help with a child's grasp pattern and why does it even matter?

OT's focus a LOT on a child's grasp, but why does it matter?   Learn why grasping matters and easy to implement strategies.

45 minute PD with certificate.

Have questions?  Coaching might be for you! 


We offer coaching not only for children and parents, but also for people that have questions about occupational therapy or even starting an occupational therapy business!

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