Learning Charms Foundation was created to fill the gap of  developmental support available to children in the school and home environments. As therapy providers are becoming more difficult to find, the cost and access for therapy services are increasing.  The price of therapy is often out of reach for families.   

Whereas many schools are offering academic tutoring services by volunteers, they are not offering developmental services.  If a child is behind with his or her developmental skills (fine motor, gross motor, speech production, visual perceptual , etc) then that child will make limited progress on academic skills.  Developmental skills must be addressed first. 

We partner with North Carolina charter schools, privately funded preschools, state preschools and local preschools.  We are committed to seek out partners whose enrollment is at least 70% of low income or at risk children. 

Contact us to find out more about how your organization can join efforts with Learning Charms Foundation to increase your students' developmental and academic aptitude. 

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